At Collins Building Services, we believe that exceptional service begins with exceptional leadership. In fact, few executive teams in the industry can compete with our record of success and longevity.

Working together over multiple decades, the CBS management and executive team have more than three decades of industry experience –experience that has included working their way up from third-shift cleaning positions.

In addition to their years in the industry, our management teams have over 50 years of experience with local Union representation, both as employees and employers, and maintain trusted relationships across the Metro area.

The CBS leadership team has devoted their lives to the business. From the top down, we are there for our clients every day, under any conditions. That’s just part of The CBS Advantage.

Joseph K. Collins

CEO, Chairman of the Board


Kenneth J. Collins



Andres Sardiñas

Executive Vice President


George E. Lewis

Senior Vice President


Robert A. Sardiñas

Vice President, Operations


John Lopat

Vice President, Account Services


Carlos Zafra

Vice President, Operations


Jason Sardiñas

Assistant Vice President


Edward Priboy

Director, Safety & Training


Lynette Moore

Assistant Vice President, Accounting


Maria Alvarez

Corporate Treasurer, Accounting


About Us


It was the late 1980’s in New York City. The corporate style was selling the “bigger is better” mentality; the family business was out and mergers, acquisitions, & consolidations were in. Joseph Collins was working in this industry, and saw things differently. He believed that the time was right for a new type of facilities services firm. Joe started that ifrm, put his name on it, and neverlookedback.Together with a team of his most trusted colleagues, he took his message to potential clients.

Collins Building Services, Inc. was founded in October of 1988 with the philosophy that has made the company successful: top quality service and a commitment to each customer’s individual needs.

From Day 1, Collins Building Services has believed in personally-provided quality. With this guiding vision, the firm quickly gained a reputation as the company where leadership was personally involved with each account. In fact, all levels of management can be found onsite on a regular basis, ensuring day to day operations are being performed above expected standards.

Collins Building Services is based in transparency of operations, working with clients to develop individual methods and strategies for each and every location, but we also believe in initiative. From cutting-edge janitorial equipment, to our proprietary online quality assurance programs, to our comprehensive green cleaning program, CBS teams are constantly seeking out the newest, most effective processes to serve our clients.

Today, Collins Building Services is one of the largest facilities management firms in the New York City metro area, serving many of the region’s premier building owners & managers, corporations, and institutions. With 3,000 employees and over 100 million square feet in our portfolio, you get more than just a facilities management solution. You get The CBS Advantage. We believe this will outlast any market trend.

Ask Joe Collins about his success, and he will still recount the principle that has made this company’s history –“Never forget where you come from, and always take care of those that got you here.”

Collins Building Services Leadership

Executive Leadership

Joseph K. Collins, CEO, Chairman of the Board

Joseph Collins founded Collins Building Services as his vision of the ideal service organization, and worked every day of his career to maintain those ideals. In 2017, after nearly 30 years at the helm, Joe stepped down as President of Collins Building Services, maintaining his roles as CEO and Chairman of the Board. In full support and agreement of the Board of Directors and the founding executive team, Joe passed along his role as President to his son, Kenneth J. Collins, ushering in the next era of CBS quality.

Kenneth J. Collins,  President

In 2017, Kenneth Collins was appointed President of Collins Building Services, a role he has been preparing for with dedication and an unwavering commitment to the company’s core mission and vision.

From 2008 to 2017, Ken served as the Vice President and Assistant to the President, assisting with corporate strategic planning and serving as the lead executive for a variety of key functions, including accounting, IT services, technology integration, and other business administrative groups. Ken started his CBS career in 1993; prior to that, he worked for the Marriott Corporation in varying managerial capacities.

Operational & Account Services Leadership

Andres G. Sardinas,  Executive Vice President

Andres Sardinas is held in high regards throughout the building service industry for the operational excellence he has instilled throughout all levels of Collins Building Services. His leadership has helped form the backbone of the firm, where he has served as Executive Vice President since the company’s founding in 1988. Leading the Operations Team, today he is responsible for company-wide service operations, labor management, union relations, training, quality control, and procurement.

George E. Lewis, Senior Vice President, Account Services

George Lewis brings more than 35 years of experience to his position leading the Account & Client Services Team. With his focus on business development, he has been pivotal in developing innovative solutions that have successfully anticipated market trends and client needs throughout the years. Through his foresight and contributions, CBS has grown to include not just commercial real estate, but educational, retail, entertainment, and medical facilities throughout the region area.

Robert A. Sardinas, Vice President, Operations

As the Vice President of Operations, Robert Sardinas oversees the management of all day-to-day field operations, including budgetary planning, management, development, union interaction, client relations, and quality control. Robert has also been at the forefront of operational innovation, often leading the charge for emerging cleaning and technology initiatives. Robert started his CBS career in 1989 as a porter; in 2012, he was promoted to his current role as VP of Operations.

John Lopat Vice President, Account Services

John Lopat joined Collins Building Services in 1994 as an Account Executive, bringing with him a level of expertise and resourcefulness that is respected and valued by clients. Throughout his career with CBS, John has established and secured numerous strategic partnerships that have fueled the company’s success and growth. In 2017, John was promoted to Vice President of Account Services, where he continues to use his industry knowledge and insight to move CBS towards its 30th year of operation.

Carlos Zafra,  Vice President, Operations

Carlos Zafra has been with Collins Building Services since1998. In addition to overseeing all daily operations at New York University, Carlos has been vital in the successful startup and management of complex accounts during his years with CBS, and his leadership, experience, and industry knowledge serve the company every day.

Business Services Leadership

Jason Sardinas,  Assistant Vice President

A core member of Collins Building Services for over 10 years, Jason manages the Human Resources, Payroll, and Operations Corporate Team and oversees all corporate Human Resources functions. With his 2017 promotion to Assistant Vice President, Jason additionally took on all responsibilities related to Labor Relations and Union collaboration.

Edward Priboy, Director, Safety & Training

Edward Priboy has devoted his career to the building services industry, and has been a member of the CBS Operations Senior Management Team since joining the company in 1995. His experience related to safety training and OSHA compliance led to his current role as Director of Safety & Training. Ed also serves as an Operations Account Manager for various high-profile clients.

Financial Leadership

Lynette Moore,  Assistant Vice President, Accounting

Lynette has been part of the Collins Building Services team for nearly ten years, and has made significant contributions to corporate accounting systems and processes during her tenure. Among her many responsibilities, Lynette also handles special projects, audit compliances, and acts as the primary accounting lead for various academic accounts, including New York University. In 2017, Lynette was promoted to her current role as Assistant Vice President of Accounting.

Maria Alvarez, Corporate Treasurer, Accounting

Maria has been an integral member of the team since Collins Building Services was founded 1988. With over 25 years of loyal service to CBS, Maria has contributed in various accounting capacities and progressed to her recent appointment as Corporate Treasurer and Head of Accounting. Maria oversees all functions of accounting and financial reporting, as well as Federal, State, and other compliance oversight.

Our Team

At CBS, we view our employees as our most valuable asset. They are the foundation of our business, day in and day out. We believe that the extent to which we care for our employees is the extent to which they can care for our customers.

CBS has a commitment to team member development and a corporate culture that promotes employee retention. Our employees are trained in the CBS Standards of Service, as well as thorough Core, Safety, and Specialty Training based on their skills and job position. Team members are further supported by advanced training programs, employee recognition & incentive programs, strong Union ties, and opportunities for education and growth.

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