Quality Control

Using time-tested practices, multifaceted training programs and
the latest technological advances, our Quality Control programs
meet the highest standards of the industry and are customized
to your property. The essentials are outlined here.


Facilities Management Software ("FacMan")

This proprietary, web-based program meets the reporting needs of
clients and Collins Building Services management by providing:

• A system for initiating, tracking and reporting on all work orders,
with immediate response capabilities

• Access to all periodic schedules and inspection reports in real time

• Client feedback features that allow situations to be remedied immediately

• Greater responsibility through enhanced reporting and follow-up features

• Tracking of quality control trends

• Customized quality control reports

Collins management regularly reviews the data and trends to identify
areas of improvement and opportunities for enhancing service.
New procedures and programs are then developed and implemented.
Additionally, FacMan data is directly integrated into our customized
client reports.


Inspections and Reports

The foundation of Quality Control at Collins Building Services is our
inspection and reporting system. Supervisors and managers perform
daily, weekly and monthly inspections, and issue appropriate reports,
which are reviewed immediately to ensure all identified issues are
remedied. The inspections grade performance on more than 30 items,
and management cross-checks the reports with additional on-site visits
every week. Collins executives perform monthly walk-throughs to verify
overall cleaning quality, and that work is meeting all specifications.


Biometric Time Keeping

Accountability and attendance accuracy are enhanced through a biometric time clock which uses hand-recognition software to record when employees clock in and out. Among its advantages are:

• The elimination of “buddy punching”

• Precise time recordings for more accurate accounting

• Accurate tracking of special events labor and related costs

• Establishment of work pattern trends


Safety Committee

After creating and establishing all Collins Building Services safety
guidelines and requirements, our team of safety professionals
continues to upgrade these guidelines and performs the following:

• Plans and implements safety programs

• Creates, implements, assesses and continually improves our
training programs

• Communicates the committee’s activities, programs and policies, and
all safety practices and procedures, to project managers, supervisors
and employees

• Assists project managers and supervisors in establishing safety
procedures that are customized to their locations

• Assists in safety awareness and training



Collins Building Services employees receive all necessary on-the-job
training, performed by supervisors and/or area managers, before
beginning a new cleaning position. Enhanced safety training
encompasses more than 40 service and procedural areas, which are
tailored to employees’ work locations by our Director of Safety. The
Director also keeps all employees and managers apprised of new
requirements and creates additional training sessions when necessary. Specialized service employees such as window cleaners are trained in all OSHA and NY State window cleaning and related safety procedures.

Our Quality Control
programs meet the
highest standards
of the industry.

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